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MIT-ADT University, Pune announces a PG Degree Program

20 Jul 2021

Pune (Maharashtra) [India], July 20 (ANI/PRNewswire): MIT Art, DesignTechnology University (MIT-ADT University), Pune is a leading futuristic multi-disciplinary University with a unique blend of Art, DesignTechnology program to offer. MIT Art, DesignTechnology University, under the mentorship of visionary educationist, Prof. Dr. Vishwanath Karad, President, MIT Art, Design and Technology University, Pune and dynamic trailblazer, and torchbearer, Prof. Dr. Mangesh Karad, Executive President and Vice-Chancellor, is always in pursuits of carving a niche in the education sector by being at the forefront in preparing students for the future through its new-age cutting-edge program.

MIT-ADT University is very much aware that the world is changing at a faster pace, and with it learning too is drastically changing with new emerging learning ecologies and new technologies. Hence, they have taken up the task of equipping their students for the jobs of tomorrow that are constantly evolving.

As digital education, driven by advanced technologies, is representing a major opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors, there is an ever-growing demand for experts in the e-learning education sector who can create advanced and sophisticated e-learning program for students worldwide. These experts in the e-learning industry need to be armed with skills to intertwine immersive technologies and conceptual subject knowledge into customized learning content, which is easily accessible, engaging, and user-centric. The careers in the e-learning industry are varied and flexible - from Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), Multimedia, Gamification, Mobile learning, Learning Analytics. The job profile that rules this list of possible careers in e-learning is that of Instructional Designers, also known as ID. But there is a dearth of courses that formally train instructional designers or experts to be in the field of the e-learning industry. Recognizing the need for having trained IDs and experts for the e-learning industry, the School of Education and Research, MIT-ADT University, Pune announces a post-graduate degree program in M.A/M.Sc. in e-learning from the Academic year 2021-22.

This is a 2-year Postgraduate Program with multiple entry and exit points! This Program is an 80-credit course with hands-on practical applications. M.A/M.Sc. in e-learning Program is a fine blend of pedagogical sciences, design, and technology. The Program is designed to train students in Visual Design, Storyboarding, Theories and Applications of Instructional Design, Research Methodology amongst other courses. This Program offers double specialization - one to be chosen in the first year and the second one in the final year. The specializations that students choose will prepare them for the e-learning industry in various cohorts like technical/content development, multimedia content development to designing MOOCs. The course has a compulsory industrial internship component of an entire semester in the second year. In case, if unfortunately, a student opts to exit after the first year, the student can earn a Post-Graduate Diploma Certification on completion of all credit requirements. Such students can return after a gap and complete their Program within the next 3 years. Drawing heavily from the field of Design, this Program is characterized by block pedagogy with Jury-based studio and cumulative assessments with a lesser focus on theory papers. Postgraduates of M.A./M.Sc. e-learning programs will be equipped to do things like create interactive and engaging e-learning courses, incorporate technology in the classroom, develop new, more effective instructional designs for education, and also can show educators how to use larning technologies for professional development.

The eligibility criteria for candidates who want to pursue M.A/M.Sc. in e-learning, can be graduates from any disciplines familiar with computers and the internet. No coding or programming knowledge is required. Selection of students will be done based on an entrance test for the limited seats of 30. Remember, this is a unique course with MIT-ADT being the only second University in the country to offer such a course.

The professionally qualified students with M.A/M.Sc. in e-learning from the School of EducationResearch, MIT-ADT University, Pune will have a wide range of career options. They can work with the e-learning industry and corporates to develop multimedia, educational games, online learning content and also design, develop, implement, and evaluate training program. The students after completing this course in M.A/M.Sc. in e-learning will be able to work in government, universities, non-profits, and other cutting-edge business organizations as Instructional Designers, Storyboard developers, e-Content developers, Online content creators, Consultants in e-learning, Corporate trainers, Researchers in varied dimensions of online education/Educational technology, Entrepreneurs of e-learning related areas, and Edupreneurs.

In short, there is a lot one can do with this M.A./M.Sc. e-learning program, and prospects seem likely to expand further as technology is improving and e-learning is gaining wider acceptance.

The future in the e-Learning industry opens doors for transformational opportunities. Be Industry-ready, Pursue M.A. /M.Sc. in e-learning @School of EducationResearch, MIT-ADT University, Pune.

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