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The First Ukrainian Educational Center Opened in Sofia
21 Sep 2022

With an open day, the first Ukrainian educational center in Sofia was officially opened. It has been operating since September 15 and aims to provide access to education for displaced children. The center enables children fleeing the war in Ukraine to learn the Ukrainian curriculum, in a home schooling mode, but in physical classrooms, with the help of Ukrainian teachers. The initiative belongs to the team of the "Open Doors" Situation Center, which for several months has been looking for the most adequate options for providing alternative access to education that is closer to a real learning environment. "For many Ukrainian parents, enrolling their children in a Bulgarian school is tantamount to accepting that there is no hope of ever returning home. In addition, the differences in the curriculum, the language barrier, the fragile emotional state as a result of the trauma caused by the war and resettlement, are huge obstacles on the path of Ukrainian children to education in Bulgaria," shared Joanna Bestyuk - communications coordinator. She added that if Ukrainian children study online from home, it deprives their mothers of the opportunity to work to support the children and themselves. In addition, a large number of them do not have the necessary laptop or tablet. Last but not least, if they study from home, they are left without the opportunity to socialize.

The Ukrainian educational hub in Sofia offers full-day education, which also includes lessons in Bulgarian language and culture. The center is located at 188 Slivnitsa Blvd. and has 10 classrooms. However, it still needs basic equipment without which the educational process cannot take place. For this purpose, the initiators prepare a list and indicate that each item on the list below is equal to one step towards the ultimate goal: that children do not pay with their future for events for which they are not to blame.

During the event, the organizers said that during the delivery of a large number of computers from Germany, the transporting van caught fire, but the equipment was saved. Volunteers are needed to make it usable. They also need: desks, chairs for children, flipcharts, printer, A4 paper, notebooks, chemicals, markers, air conditioners, projectors, TVs, refrigerator, CCTV cameras, barbarons, cleaning products, sticker printing, help with freight transport in Sofia and Varna, electrician, help with assembling furniture, and also volunteers for running afternoon classes - Bulgarian language, culture, English language club, games, creative classes, etc.

"We will be very grateful if you join to support us in achieving this goal," the Ukrainian Education Center appeals.

Anyone who wishes to help can contact them at: or at (+359) 884013786 - Joanna Bestyuk.

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